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@@@@@Embracing British Girl Energy: A Vogue Revolution


Chioma Nnadi, the new face of British Vogue, effortlessly blends back into the UK scene after two decades away. “Growing up in London shaped me more than I realized,” she shared on a recent Vogue Club podcast. “I’ve been pondering with my mates about this thing called British girl energy; it’s like this cheeky, unpolished vibe, you know?”


British girl energy, huh? I’m all for it. It’s high time we own our style like the French or the Scandinavians, something talked about in hushed, reverent tones. Think of it as our very own Cool Britannia moment, minus the Gallagher brothers raining on our parade. But what exactly is this BGE, beyond Nnadi’s musings of cheekiness and nonchalance?


BGE is still in its infancy – Google it and you’ll stumble upon a Shell advert for an engineering course for “young women.” My mental image conjures up multipacks of M&S undies, politeness sharp as a knife, and those lovely lasses from Leeds on Gogglebox, munching on snacks and dishing out sofa-based gossip. So, I turned to my mates for insight.


One mate rattled off a list like she’d been waiting for this moment her whole life: “Spandex, fast chatter, false lashes; they’re the ultimate work buddy, bargain hunters, and believe holidays are a basic human right.” Another summed it up poetically: “Jacket potato beans and cheese/Braving a night out sans coat because it’ll be lost/Rimmel lipstick.” The eternal struggle between tights and bare legs took center stage: “Craving warmth on our faces while mourning the loss of black tights for three months” – a feeling that deserves its own German word. And then there’s the simple yet profound “Tea and brows.”

It’s all a bit muddled, but that’s the beauty of it: the enigmatic allure of BGE lies in its nebulous, sometimes contradictory nature. We just need a Brit girl version of je ne sais quoi, and we’re golden.

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