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@@@@@Dressing Up: A Nightmare in Wool


I swear, dressing up feels like a punishment. You know, like those woolly trousers my mum used to make me wear? Just thinking about them makes me squirm. It all started when I was a kid. Every time there was a family wedding or some fancy event, I’d have to squeeze into those infernal trousers. They were like tiny torture chambers for my legs, itching and scratching all day long. It was like having a secret war going on under my clothes—me versus the wool.


And let me tell you, getting those trousers to fit was a whole other ordeal. My mum would be there, fussing around with pins while I stood there, protesting like a lamb to the slaughter. “They’re PICKY,” I’d whine, but she never listened. The wool was like my personal hell, and I was stuck in it.


Eventually, they tried to soften the blow by lining the trousers with silk. But even that didn’t fully solve the problem. Just knowing that the wool was lurking underneath made my skin crawl. I’d walk around like some posh kid in disguise, itching for the moment I could rip those cursed trousers off.


And you know what? I never grew out of it. Even now, my suit trousers are lined with silk, and I still dread dressing up. It’s not just the discomfort—it’s the whole charade. I never feel like myself in fancy clothes. I’d rather go out looking like a rumpled mess than pretend to be something I’m not.

One time, some TV folks decided to give me a makeover on live television. Can you imagine? They blindfolded me and dressed me up like a puppet while I stood there feeling utterly ridiculous. And to top it all off, I had a little accident that I’ll spare you the details of. Let’s just say it was mortifying.

So yeah, you can keep your fancy dinners and red carpet events. I’ll take a comfy pair of jeans any day. Because when it comes down to it, nothing beats feeling like yourself, even if it means sacrificing a bit of style.

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