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@@@@@Smart Shopping Tips for Fashion Finds


When it comes to online shopping, using filters is key. “If you enter ‘green dress’ into the search box on eBay, it will bring back thousands of results, so use the filter,” advises Becky Barnes, a fashionista from Bristol who’s been hooked on pre-owned clothes since 2017. “You can usually select brand, fabric, length, size – the filtering is more sophisticated than on Vinted.”

Becky’s Filtering Wisdom

Becky suggests going for pre-owned if that’s your vibe. “There are brand new items for sale, too – if you only want pre-owned clothes, select ‘used’.” She’s all about that vintage vibe and has been a regular on Depop for years, snagging everything from basics like joggers to standout pieces like vintage football shirts and 90s Coogi jumpers.

Ash’s Bargain-Hunting Tricks

Ash Meyer, a 19-year-old student from Sheffield, knows the drill. He sets a price cap on his filters to keep his spending in check. “If I’ve got £25 to splurge, I start low and work my way up,” he shares. “It’s all about snagging a deal without breaking the bank.”


Monica’s Insider Tip

Monica Buchan-Ng, a fashion guru from London College of Fashion, preaches the gospel of knowing your brands. “Know the brands you like and how they fit you,” she advises. “Head to their stores, try a few pieces on, and get a feel for what works for you.”

Sanna’s Algorithm Hack

Sanna Moktadir, a 20-year-old student from Sheffield, spills her secret: “Like everything you see! It helps the apps recommend stuff that matches your style.” Smart move, Sanna!

Kirsty’s Seasonal Strategy

Kirsty Keoghan, the fashion bigwig at eBay, drops some wisdom: “Shop out of season for the best deals. Want a wool coat? Look in the summer when nobody’s after it.”


Becky’s Negotiation Tactics

Becky knows how to haggle. “Make an offer, especially if it’s been sitting there for a while. Sellers are often willing to cut you a deal,” she says. Just click that button and cross your fingers!

Monica’s Quality Check

Monica’s not playing around when it comes to checking out sellers. “Look at their reviews and ratings,” she warns. “You want someone you can trust.”

Basic Sewing 101

Monica’s got another trick up her sleeve: basic sewing skills. “Learn to hem or adjust waistbands. It’s a game-changer,” she says. You never know when you’ll need to tweak that perfect find.


May’s Counterfeit Alert

May Berthelot, the anti-counterfeit guru, has one word: beware. “Ask for proof of authenticity,” she urges. Better safe than sorry!

Keep an Eye on Fees

Watch out for sneaky fees. Vinted and Depop have their charges, but eBay’s got your back with their money-back guarantee.

So, there you have it – shopping like a pro straight from the experts themselves!


That’s a wrap, folks! Happy shopping! 🛍️

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